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OEM Iron Casting

OEM Iron Casting

Nowadays, all sorts of metal casting units are using advanced technologies to get more yields. In this segment, use of ceramic filters is very popular and has many advantages. Mostly, in the OEM iron casting process or to get the best out of molten iron alloys, these filters work greatly. There are various types and sizes of the filters are being available to meet the bespoke requirements of the units. How to choose the right technology and utilize it better is discussed in the following lines.

Advantages of Using Ceramic Filter:

Depending upon the alloy, application and used technologies, benefits of the use of filters vary. In general, lowering levels of scrap during production and improving the purity of the material achieved with these proficient filters. In terms of productivity improvements, more tonnes shipped to tonnes melted ratio achieved only through the use of smart filters.

Avoidance of casting defects is one of the major benefits of using these sorts of filters. The common defects like evolution of gases, metallurgical factors, shrinkage, etc can be avoided easily through using filtrations right from pouring of the melt. For casting quality improvements too, use of smart gating systems with competent filters brings more yields.

Best Use of Extruded Filter:

Most of the extruded ceramic filter products are cordierite-mullite-based products which are made of advanced technologies. Its unique dimensions, improved resistance to thermal attack, superior mechanical strength, and corrosion from molten iron liquid are some great aspects required at most foundries.

An extruded filter can be used together with or without ceramic foam filter system. In fact, these sorts of filters are also used in the casting steel foundries along with OEM iron castings. It removes non-metallic inclusions and slag from the molten alloys. Its use significantly perks up the finishing of the surface of the castings regularly.

Cost Efficiency of Ceramic Foam Filter:

The popularity of silicon carbide or SiC ceramic foam filter materials is continuously rising globally. More and more iron foundries have started using this technology. It ensures greater yields at low investments. The increasing number of filter manufacturers and advanced manufacturing technologies made these stuffs affordable. These items can be purchased from international suppliers using online platforms which add more cost efficiency.

Durability of SiC Ceramic Foam Filter:

Right from aluminum to iron and non-ferrous, different kind of filters are used at the foundries. Choosing the right kind of filters has great significance. Appropriate filter material, shape, and average number of pores per linear inch ensure more turnovers. The filters made by credible companies ensure long lasting and uninterrupted filtrations.
Ease of Using Filters for OEM iron castings:


At the foundry units, there are several types of filters used. Most of them are designed or shaped to a unique form to make the filtration process improved. Both for direct pouring of molten metal and use of filters on the gating system are decided by the engineers. They determine the characteristics of the metal and consider the right ways for achieving the required level of purity.

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