Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine

The difficulty of high ambient temperature level to an establishing nation like Nigeria for that reason is to recognize locations of prospective losses and reduce them. It is likewise vital to harness her strengths to guarantee that the effectiveness of the whole plant is enhanced.

Gas Turbine

Gas turbines are more popular in Nigeria when compared with Hydro, Coal and steam-driven turbines, due to the abundance gas tank in Nigeria and combined with that they are simpler to preserve when compared with other turbines. Among the significant difficulty dealing with these power plants in Nigeria nevertheless, is that of high ambient temperature level which can increase to as high as 38 degree Celsius

With concerns to Generation mix, we currently have Steam, Gas and Hydro turbines in Nigeria. Each of these plants runs effectively at various durations in the year. For instance Hydro stations run few of their systems in the month of February, March and April, while all Hydro turbines are totally closed down throughout the months of June/July when the water level is so low. It is for that reason suggested that:

1. All offered systems are kept spinning reserve throughout hot durations of the year when the ambient temperature level is high, when required at such durations, not all the systems must be placed on the grid, to prevent loss in power output due to the result of high ambient temperature level on the maker

2. It is suggested that single gas turbine power plants be incorporated into to accomplish a Combined Cycle system. This will increase the Thermal performance of the turbines by using the waste heat of the gas turbine to run an absorption refrigeration system to cool the gas turbine inlet air. Integrated cycles have a greater thermal effectiveness than the gas turbine cycles running alone

3. For the reliable usage of these power plants, it is suggested that Yearly upkeep of the makers be set up within the durations when ambient temperature level is on the high side

4. Future strategies by the Federal government and Independent Power Producers in building gas turbines need to consist of extensive expediency research studies of the ambient temperature level of the area where the gas turbine will be sited. This will significantly increase their effectiveness, Net Power Output and life-span

5. Adjustments can be made on the air consumption system to allow it make up for reduced air density by increasing air speed and making sure that the quantity of oxygen needed to burn the amount of Gas required for peak operation is provided

6. At high ambient temperature level in between 36 and 37 ° C, cold de-mineralization water spray can be presented into the duct to lower the ambient temperature level to about 30 ° C so regarding make it possible for the gas turbine accomplish greater load capability

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